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"If Everything You Were Taught About Finances Were Wrong........When Would You Want To Know?"

  • Step 1 - Mitigate Taxes To Accelerate Accumulation
  • Step 2 - Establish Asset Protection Shields
  • Step  3 - Structure Retirement Income Without Principal Reduction
  • Step  4 - Transfer To Heirs Tax-Free
  Mitigating Taxes

The majority of Americans will spend more then 40 years working within their respective careers to save for retirement. That same majority will have over 40% of every lifetime dollar earned go to taxes. In this video we will talk about converting tax dollars to retirement savings. 

Protecting Your Assets

There is no question we live in a litigious society in the United States. Id does not matter if you have $100,000 or $100,000,000 the reality is that there are people out there that will use the legal system to file frivolous lawsuits. In this video we talk about protection strategies.

  Estate Planning Dynamics

In this segment video we address "Multi-Generational Wealth Transfers" which are designed to maneuver your lives work to your children, grand children and great grand children with "Zero Tax" and to structure non-taxable growth to last generations.

  Maximizing Retirement

The reality for the majority of Americans who have recently entered or are planning to enter retirement is the fear of out living their retirement resources. They are then forced to chose between the life style they are accustomed to and living a conservative existence. In this video we will explore some enhancements and options. 

The $1.2m Annual Write-Off

As business owners we miss some of the best retirement planning opportunities because our professional counselors don't know key strategies. As a business you can set up captive insurance company and place $1,200,000 per year into an investment account and then access the funds in the future through non-taxable strategies!

Buy-Sell Retirement Plan

Most owners of businesses need a strategic plan in the event that there is a loss of a partner or family member to protect the integrity of the going cause. What their advisors miss is coupling this plan into a retirement cash accumulation vehicle. Here I will show you how to structure this as well as get a bank to finance it and create an arbitrage.

  Unrestricted Roth Squared

The benefits of the ROTH IRA and using after tax dollars to grow to non-taxable retirement income also has restrictions on how much, how often and when you can access cash have challenges. Here is the incredible alternative to the ROTH that allows unlimited contributions, access to accumulation without penalties and cash free retirement income at any age.

  The 300% Bank Match S.E.R.P.

Imagine a retirement plan that your business sponsors and writes off the cost against gross income. Now lets take it one step further and have a bank contribute 300% secured by the plan. The plan provides you with tax-free retirement income, disability coverage and your family with large tax-free life insurance benefit should something happen.

Charitable Dividends

Often times when it comes to tax planning we are advised to make charitable contributions. Using the "DAF" or donor advised fund structure allows us to take advantage of the current years write-off as well as a carry forward for 5 years. More importantly by designating a member owned LLC. as the management you can direct the investment, recover earning on a tax-free basis through a proper operating agreement in the form of a loan.

Premium Financed Life

One of the most important tools in planning a wealth transfer to our heirs is life insurance. It is what most of us would consider a necessary evil. The solution to this is to create a short term "Max Funded" premium financed policy. By doing this we are able to borrow the premium and commit it as a portion or all of the collateral and use the growth of the internal cash-value as an arbitrage which in time will pay the interest payments which are a fraction of an annual premium.

100% Tax-Free Portfolio

This is my "All Time" time best strategy. Lets face it 99.9% of financial services professional don't know this strategy or how to even begin to deploy it. Its called PPLI or PPVA which are "Private Placed Life  Insurance and Variable Annuity". It takes an existing investment portfolio and "Wraps" it with a re-insurance policy that makes the portfolio 100% tax-free in growth, loan withdrawls, death benefit transfers and asset protection. There is nothing else like this available anywhere and we are the experts.

100% Tax-Free Estate Transfer

Between federal and state death tax costs you can expect to have well over 50% of your life long asset accumulation become the property of the IRS verses your heirs, This is where proper planning and an ILIT "Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust" becomes the greatest asset for your children. Because the ILIT owns the death benefit outside to your estate the entire death benefit becomes a 100% non-taxable transfer to your heirs. If you couple this with our premium financed life insurance strategy your estate will never be depleted and your costs will be minimal.

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